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Our Mission


Gulfwinds has become the "Assisted Living Community of Choice" for area seniors. Our mission is to ensure a better quality of life for our elderly clients and their families, by providing exceptional care and service to our residents, family members and friends.

We create warm, home-like settings for older adults who want to live their life with choice. Whether that includes an active social schedule or a more slow-paced way of life, our respect for each resident's individuality and dignity is at the center of all that we do.

The Eden Alternative Philosophy

Our elders want, need, and deserve autonomy over their daily lives.  The traditional institutional model that has been dominant in the care of our elders has many shortcomings.  The plagues of the human spirit run rampant in these cold, sterile, social and physical environments.  Our elders need and deserve an opportunity for a life worth living, not just time spent waiting to die. 

We define elders as someone who, by virtue of life experience, is here to teach us. By definition, being an elder has little to do with age.

This concept is based on the the Eden Alternative Philosophy and Guflwinds fully supports this philosophy.

See more of the Eden Principles in our blog page. 

Family Decisions

Consistently voted "The Best Assisted Living Facility in Venice (50 Beds and Under), we are proud of the work our employees do everyday in caring for our residents and it is gratifying to receive this level of recognition for what we consider as our job in service to our residents

Our clients include:

 Seniors and the chronically disabled who aren't ready for an institutional setting or who live with relatives, but because of illness or chronic conditions, safety becomes an issue when their family is not around. We provide these people help with simple activities that are exhausting for them and this enables them to save their energy for the important things in life, such as:

· connecting with friends or family,

· taking a short walk, or

· reading a good book.

Many times, caring for a resident involves family, so we play a role in providing a respite for the primary family caregiver, i.e. wife caring for a husband or a daughter/son caring for their parents.

Constant caregiving can bring considerable stress, because the caregiver's focus is centered on the one needing care. Very often we see that when we give relief with daily routines, allowing the family caregiver(s) more time for themselves, the relationship strengthens.

Requesting an Assessment

We start the interview process by conducting an in-depth assessment of your, or your loved one's, lifestyle, medical conditions and the kind of assistance needed. We will meet with you, your family and doctor and jointly determine the scope of care.

During the meeting, we explain fully the services available, answer any additional questions you have, and help with the important care decisions faced by a family with a loved one in need.

Issues covered include:


· Matching the appropriate care and service level

· Daily routines

· Health and medication

· Emergency response

· Nutritional issues

· Home cleaning issues

· Transportation

· Costs of services